See what our guests are saying about Horeta Documentary.

I just saw HORETA, a documentary about Ethiopian people and culture, by a young and fresh Ethiopian Director. I enjoyed the film a lot! Taking such a task of narrating the true nature of the Ethiopian, for that matter any people, of is brave. Unlike most travel documents and stories Amen’s stories are unbiased and constructive. It is a good start and I hope the director Amen Gibreab, will show us more works in the near future. — Admasu A •
Yayyy! So proud of you & your work! smile emoticon Your documentary was fantastic, and I’m very glad to have gotten the opportunity to see it!
— Lisa LeDoux
Beautiful, beautiful film done by Amen Meng that depicted our incredible study abroad trip to Ethiopia. Again, thank you so much for your hard work! I am glad to have shared this experience with such amazing people.
— Clarissa Abadesco
Looking forward to seeing this! My knowledge of Ethiopia is very, very limited.
— Rhackman
It is a must watch documentary!!!
We had so much fun.
— Pazion T Cherinet
Don’t like the way your culture is portrayed in the media? Then make your own says Horeta documentary director and local filmmaker Amen Gibreab (aka Amen Meng).
— Sarah Stuteville (Seattle Times)